Meet Custard – she’s my lovingly restored 1968 Fiat 500L.  We met a few years ago when I found her abandoned in a farmer’s field in Cavallino in Italy and even though she looked far from her best, it was love at first site.

Several hundred Lira lighter and a long tow back to England later, Custard arrived at my home in Huby, North Yorkshire where she has since been transformed into the classic show car you see today. She is quite rare and unbelievably cute so everywhere we go people want to pet her.

This year Custard and I will embark on the 1200 mile drive to Venice via the place of her birth, the Fiat factory at Turin, for a press reception on the factory roof (made famous in the ‘The Italian Job’). Along the way, we hope to raise thousands of pounds for the Air Ambulance Charity.  

Become the Bella 500 Run Sponsor: We are seeking a suitable sponsor to cover our project and travel costs of just £2,500. Every single penny raised otherwise will go towards the chosen Charity. In return, we offer our sponsor a range of valuable publicity opportunities and benefits both here in the UK and in Europe.

Branding: Both Custard and trailer mobile support vehicle that will be following behind us will be branded with sponsor logos and messages, providing high visibility along the road networks of England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, not to mention our launch and arrival receptions.

Media Coverage: Custard’s adventure will be launched before media at a location either in Yorkshire and/or other locations requested by our sponsor. Custard could then make several appearances at sponsor sites through England and/or Europe to maximise the consumer and trade news coverage value to them, before she is the focus of a press reception in Turin and finally the arrival in Cavallino, Venezia.

Goodwill: Positive brand associations with both Custard and the charity cannot fail but to win hearts and minds for our sponsor

Media Partner: We are also seeking a media partner who would be interested in following and broadcasting our journey. As I work for my own video production company (see below), we are planning to make our own broadcast quality documentary for web streaming, with the potential to show on British or foreign TV channels.

A radio partner is also sought to cover the ‘Bella 500 Run’ as we believe, with regular reports from the driving team (that’s me!), our adventure could make compelling content.

About Me: My name is Tim Barritt. I am 36 years old and work with my father for Traydarti, a media production company specialising in corporate and travel promotion.

For some years Traydarti has been commissioned annually to produce media material promoting the Venice area, hence my interest in Fiat and contacts in Italy. I am also a keen classic car restorer with a 1965 Giadiniera Station Wagon among my collection.

You can find out more about me and the Bella 500 Run at If you would like to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities, or any other aspect of this charity initiative, please contact me as follows:

Tim Barritt: Traydarti / Almias / Crag Lane / Huby / North Yorkshire LS17 0EJ

++44 (0) 1423 734860 / +44 (0)7949 231567 /


1200 Miles in a Fiat 500l for Charity ‘The Bella 500 Run’ 19th May Please help this little Fiat  make a big donation Custard

If you would like to have Custard on show in your shop or show  please contact me.

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