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Bella 500
Welcome to the Bella 500 update page. Throughout the journey from the UK out to Italy, we will be updating this page to keep everyone up to date, showcasing some of the beauty Europe has to offer. Custard will be featuring in the photographs, so visit often!


Just before Tim, the intrepid explorer, begins his journey to Cavallino in Italy, he called in to see the Air Ambulance men to remind everyone why he is making this epic journey. You can see the images below.


After a foggy crossing, a good start to the day and into Belgium by lunchtime and on to Luxembourg. Then the rain came down and Custard was not so well, needing a new set of points transplanting! All seemed well, but then she became more ill, her energy lacking and a build up of black smoke! After some more checks and an oil top up, she slowly felt better and made it to Germany (Malberg) for a well earned rest. On to Switzerland in the morning! (21st May)


After a long night trying to sleep in Custard !!!! Friday morning 7 am soon came! The sky is clear and the sun shining so after a fresh coffee, off we go again, heading for Basle and Swizerland with early morning German traffic around Fribourg. All went well and crossed into Swizerland having purchased the Swiss Motorway tax at the last German services before Swizerland.

Down to Luzern with bright sunlight and no problems.

Now we were ready for the long climb to Gotthardo and the high pass. Custard flys off up the first hill past the Rack Railway station and round the first hair pin bends the support vehicle lagging behind !!! After the first 4 bends Custard was flagged down to stop, the rear near side tyre and a puncture. A faint cry of “ Ouch my shaking back wheel” !!!

Fortuntaly a large passing place was ample for both vehicles with space to spare, but hot work in the blazing sun changing the wheel, but also provide a pleasant lunch stop and a chat with some German Cyclists on tour for the summer, Cusdard had an an instant “Foto Shoot” and enjoyed the attention.

2pm and off towards the summet, round and round the bends, diverting into the Gotthard village to try and find a garage to repair the tyre. More and more snow in view and a second stopping place near a café for a break and cool down, time to take in the view. From here the climb is above the snow level and soon the snow at the side of the road is probably over 3 meters above Custard ! and the road wet from the melting snow. You could here the sound of the snow melting and falling down from the high peaks, fingers crossed the snow at the side of the road did not suddenly fall !!!!!!!
At the highest section we stopped, snow even higher at the side of the road with steam rising from the wet road, bit spooky !

Down hill from here on towards Aosta and the services where we were given directions to a local garage to repair the tyre. An hour later and new innertube and the wheel changed again we headed off towards Como and the Italian Border. But at Lugano we again stationary with traffic, trying to stop in the shade of large wagons. At last the Italian border and on towards Milan and then to Turin.

No traffic at Milan and Custard was making good progress towards Turin averaging 50 MPH (80KM).
Now we had to find the way the Lingotto and the Meridean Hotel for our overnight stop.

The support vehicel took the lead and with the Sat Navigation found our way throught the night life streets of Turin with no idea of where we were !!!! But all was fine as we arrived at the original Fiat factory site of Lingotto at 10.45. The reception staff gave a good welcome and a special parking place was available. Custard gave a sigh of relief and we went for a Pizza and beer at the hotel bar, taking in a bit of Fiat History.

Saturday morning and we were ready for the specially arranged trip to the Pista Lingotto, the original Fiat test track on the roof, made famous in recent years with the Italian job film.

Custard suitably equipped with camera mounts started the historic drive up the circular ramp to the roof, how many famous old Fiats and even Farrari’s made this same journey round and round to the roof. Into the bright sunlight and Custard had made it !!!! Fame for half an hour.

Back down to ground level and it was decided there was not time to take Custard into the centre of Turin for a foto shoot, so it was off again heading for the motorway and the long drive to Venezia.
Again Tom Tom guided us out of Turin to the motoway succesfully, we had no idea where we were !!

The sun was hot and was taking its toll on Custard who was getting far to hot !!! On to the hard shoulder a few times, to get oil temperature down and somewhere near acceptable oil pressure. The points were worn out again, but far to hot to change, so after a short break we headed off to the next services where Custard had some TLC and fresh points.

Off again the long long haul of blazing hot Autostrada with scenery that did not change Kilometer after Kilometer…………………..

Eventually several hours later the end of the motoway streach and the exit and pay tolls for Venezia.

A short 45 minute drive round the Lagoon and into Cavallino the finish in sight. 9-30 pm and Custard made the final approach to Union Lido still going well.

Congratulations Custard, you made it !! Bella Custard… Fanstastico……. Time to rest.