1200 Miles in a Fiat 500l ‘The Bella 500 Run’ 19th May Please help this little Fiat  make a big donation

The Fiat Run is a drive in my Classic Fiat 500 dating from 1968 and

we are raising valuable funds towards Air Ambulance this lifesaving service both in Britain and Italy. The journey will include a visit to the 500’s birthplace, Turin and then on to Venice.

Meet Custard – she’s my lovingly restored 1968 Fiat 500L.

We met a few years ago when I found her abandoned in a farmer’s field in Cavallino in Italy and even though she looked far from her best, it was love at first site.

Several hundred Lira lighter and a long tow back to England later, Custard arrived at my home in Huby, North Yorkshire where she has since been transformed into the classic show car you see today.

She is quite rare and unbelievably cute so everywhere we go

people want to pet her.

Since her restoration, Custard has appeared at many Classic Car shows in Yorkshire and gained awards Cavallino in Italy. In 2008 she was on show at a Fiat showroom for the launch of the new

generation of Fiat 500’s.

Custard well deserves the title Bella 500 a beautiful little car.

I am still wanting a main Sponsor for the uk side so if you want to be the main Sponsor please contact me Timothy Barritt

Mbl: 07984 004843

Thank you to the main Sponsor in Italy Union Lido, www.unionlido.com

You can see all of the outer company's & people who have helped

on the Sponsors page.

Starting from North Yorkshire the little Fiat will

make its way down England to Dover where the Channel crossing will be to Calais and the start of the European journey

Out of France into Belgium the Walloon Region and to Luxembourg. Back into France to Stasbourg across the Rhine

into Germany to Switzerland.

After Lucerne we head over the famous Gotthard Pass 2109 metres above sea level.  Then down hill to Italy.

Around Milan and to Turin her place of her birth.

From Turin its across the

Autostrada via Brescia

To Venezia and our finishing post in Cavallino.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity's two helicopters provide a

rapid-response life-saving service covering the whole of Yorkshire

To keep these helicopters flying costs the Charity £7200 each day.

The quicker a patient receives medical attention after injury, the greater their chances of survival

So your donation really will help

to save lives.

Charity Reg No: 1084305

We are also raising money for the Italian Air Ambulance wherever our Fiat is on show in Italy.

The emergency medical services in Italy currently consist primarily of a combination of volunteer organizations providing ambulance service, supplemented by physicians and nurses who perform all ALS procedures. The emergency telephone number for emergency medical service in Italy is 118.

Please help this little Fiat  make a big donation Custard

If you would like to have Custard on show in your shop or show  please contact me.

Timothy Barritt

Tel: 01423 734860

Mbl: 07984 004843

Almias Crag Lane Huby

North Yorkshire




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