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Fiat 500 1970

The second Fiat was nearly in the same state as the first Fiat! A friend told me about a 500 he had seen sitting in a garden at

Capo Sile.  The car had been parked in among the trees for about 6 years, had no front seats and a lot of rubbish inside.  As the new regulations were in place in Italy whereby you are not allowed to keep and unused or untaxed taxed vehicle, they were faced with a fee to dispose of the car, therefore, they were very pleased for me to take the car away on my trailer.  It was stored at a local garage for 6 months and transported back to England the following January. The restoration took one year to complete, with new inner & outer sills and new floor. Having no front  seats was a problem as  I could not get hold of any fiat seats either in Italy or England. I checked out  how small they were! Eventually I bought a set of mini seats, these would only fit the without side pockets in the door. Re upholstering these seats in half cream leather  makes this Fiat very special with matching dark blue carpet, plus the engine has been rebuilt completely with all the Air Cooling Tinware having been powder coated in blue to complete a very special Fiat 500L