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This car was discovered on two pallets in a corner of  field in Cavallino, Venezia. Italy, The farmer agreed to sell & stated the engine was  a good runner! Thinking there would be no chance of the engine running, the next day to our surprise, the farmer  promptly started the engine, then told us  to jump in & take it for a drive round the farm. The engine ran perfectly, but looking at the floor over the bumps, I thought it was going to give way. However, the price was agreed at 500.000 Lira and I bought the car! They even delivered it to where I was staying.  It was a bit like film “The Italian Job” with the car in the back of their refrigerated wagon. As the doors opened, every one was wondering  what we were doing,  then to every ones surprise the little red car drove out of the wagon, everyone thought I was mad!

500 L – ‘Lusso’ (1968 – 1972)

Output: 2,272,000 units (including the 500F)
Launch price: 525,000 lire

This version, which appeared in September 1968, had a clear mission: to meet the demands of a clientele looking for a car that was more comprehensive, more customised and more ‘luxurious’. These motorists were prepared to spend as much as 525,000 lire, in other words, 100,000 lire more than the 500 F. Marketing, evolving tastes and changing lifestyles were leading the people at Mirafiori to develop a car that was a small status symbol for its day. The age of the Spartan car was already coming to an end, because the customer wanted more.